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“We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet along the way.” ~ Unknown

AboutIn 1983, at the ripe old age of 22, I stepped off the plane at the Honolulu airport for a vacation and my life was changed forever! Within 24 hours I knew that I would find a way to make Hawaii a huge part of my world…it wasn’t just the breathtaking beauty and incredible history & culture, but the laid-back and loving attitude of the local people that really pulled me in. I changed careers and worked my way into a dream job with American Express Hawaii Vacations in the marketing department, where I would spend approximately 8-12 weeks per year working out of the Honolulu office – cementing my love for the islands and creating bonds of friendship with people I still call my “Ohana”. Life took its toll on my dream…I married and had to give up my ideal job to relocate…then raised 2 amazing children while helping my husband with his business endeavors. All during this time, I continued to travel and plan trips for friends and family.

My children were herded all over Europe as soon as they could carry their own backpacks and have also visited Hawaii numerous times and love their “Aunties and Uncles” just like blood family. A few years ago, I found myself single again and, with my children already teenagers, decided it was the perfect time to create my own company and re-kindle my passion for sharing my travel knowledge – Signature Escapes was born!

I pride myself in really listening to my clients and creating wonderful custom-crafted itineraries that provide the perfect answers to their needs. I decided to specialize in my two loves – Hawaii, the South Pacific (including Tahiti and Fiji) and Europe – and am able to dedicate my time to staying updated on these destinations rather than trying to know a little bit about “everywhere”. I promise that my clients will not only receive tickets and confirmations that will get them where they want to go, but also learn a lot about the place they are visiting and how to connect with the local people and culture – a true Signature Escape!

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